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Midtown Compounding Pharmacy


Midtown Compounding Pharmacy Continues to Provide
care for former CC Pharmacy clients.


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Bio-Identical Hormone

Pain Management



Dermatology & Aesthetics

Sexual Intimacy

Dosage Forms


Why Choose Midtown Pharmacy?

Specialized in compounding, our team excel at preparing medical formulas tailored to your unique needs, with the purpose of assisting you to reach your optimal health & physical well-being.

Midtown Pharmacy


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Dosage Forms

We prepare many different dosage forms depending on physicians desires and patient needs.

1- Creams, gels and ointments

2- Suppositories

3- Capsules

4- Sublingual lozenges (troches)

5- Sublingual drops

6- Lollipops

7- Sprays

Pain Management

It can take the form of a stress-induced headache, a muscle group strained from sports activities, or be the result of an injury at work or an automobile accident. For some, pain can be chronic in nature and something they live with on a daily basis .

Chronic pain may have countless causes and perpetuating factors, therefore it’s difficult to manage than acute pain, requiring a multidisciplinary approach and customized treatment protocols  tailored specifically for each patient needs.

Pediatric Compounding

A medication’s taste can sometimes be offensive to a child’s senses; it can be too salty, naturally bitter, or sour.

In CC pharmacy  , We have an armory of flavors to make even the most disagreeable medications tolerable and often enjoyable to take.

Children may also require a particular strength of a drug because of their age or weight .Some medications are commercially available in strengths that are not suitable for your child .

Don’t panic  ! CC pharmacy is the answer  as we can prepare various strengths

Sexual Intimacy

In CC pharmacy we have solutions for intercourse pain and vaginal yeast infection.

Dermatology & Aesthetics (Skin/Hair)

CC pharmacy  offers a variety of advanced skin-care products to treat, correct and prevent various dermatological conditions.

Whether your practice treats skin diseases (i.e. Psoriasis, Eczema, Cancers, Acne, Rosacea, alopecia, warts) or cosmetic dermatology (i.e. Anti-aging, Laser treatments, chemical peels, Acne, Rosacea), WE HAVE compounds to fit each type of practice.

Veterinary Compounding

At CC PHARMACY We know your pet is part of your family – they love you unconditionally and you care for them when they are SICK that’s why they deserve the highest-quality veterinary care.

Whether it’s an emergency or regular preventative treatment, we are the best choice for your quality veterinary compounding needs.

As most medications were not made for animals – we can specialize the dosage form and strength to each individual

Taste – your animals know they’re getting medicine – we can mask the taste with our special flavors tailored to each domestic animal

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      Went to two chain pharmacies and no one was there to help me with what I was looking for so I thought I would try at CC Pharmacy as my mother has been a long time customer. As soon as I walked in the door they were asking to help me and knew exactly what I needed! In and out in about 5 mins or less!! Such great service! Thank you CC Pharmacy!!!



      We have been using CC Pharmacy for over 30 years. Although their are some transitions in terms of the ownership, we always ask our patients or recommend our patients to use CC pharmacy. Very efficient and very friendly. Eddy who owns the store now is so efficient. So as Ivy. We love him.